Zoo magazine Illustration

This double page illustration was featured in issue 455 of Zoo, and it is my most complicated piece to date! It took a lot of work, and I was really happy that they liked it. The idea behind the piece was the rumoured end-of-the-world date set by the ancient Mayan calendar and humorous ways of how this could come to pass. The work is shown here downsized with permission of the magazine.

My favorite scenarios were the Cyber-Terrorism, in which I was particularly pleased with the muzzle flare effect and the lighting effects I added to the figure:

I also thought that the North Pole scenario came out quite well, and I liked the melting sign and the penguin. Again, I tried to make sure that the lava created strong lighting on the penguin.

Surprisingly, the end of the world scenarios did not include a Zombie apocalypse, which is how Hollywood seems to think we're all going to go. I did manage to add this almost zombie looking dead guy into the nuclear scenario though, so I was happy with that!

I hope people like it, and do let me know via Twitter or email what you think!