Worlds End Play

I really enjoyed this poster commission for the play, Worlds End which was performed in Cambridge recently. The idea behind the play, without giving too much away incase you have the chance to see it, is that Kat (girl on right) is moving out of Ben’s (guy on left) apartment, but Ben is trying to win her back. 

In the brief, the director, Robin wanted Ben poking around the door, into the apartment, and to also incorporate a magpie, since this is a theme in the play. I also wanted to create the feel of an apartment in total disarray with Ben looking trapped and a bit desperate. It was a black comedy, so hence the sepia palette.

I hope I did the play justice.. I got a free ticket to see it (yay!), it was really well acted, the venue was packed and everyone enjoyed it. Although I had read the play before doing the commission, it was interesting to see the professional take on how the characters were acted out.. and to actually get to see the people I drew too was very nice!