Tyler the T Rex

This is the story of Tyler, a T Rex growing up in the age of the dinosaurs.  He's a bit impatient to get all grown up like his parents, and sometimes takes on a little more than he can handle.


Tyler was the smallest T Rex in the world.
His mom and dad were very confused.
"Are you sure this was our egg?" said his mom

Although Tyler the T Rex was small,
he tried to be the fiercest dinosaur.
His parents were very proud of him.

He tried to hunt like all the other T Rex, but it was very difficult.

He jumped out in front of the Triceratops!

But it just walked all over him.

"RRRRR!" Tyler growled, as he jumped on a 
small dinosaur lying in the grass. 

But it was a tail!

The Stegosaurus was not very happy.

Next, Tyler tried to eat a Diplodocus.

But its skin was too tough.

Tyler was scared,

and he ran all the way home.

"What's the matter?" asked his parents.
"It's not fair," said Tyler. "Will I ever be bigger?" 

"Of course you will!" said his mom.
"It just takes time to get all grown up like us." 

"Really?" said Tyler.

The next day, Tyler was out playing in the forest
chasing dragonflies.