Tufty the Sea Otter

This is proof of concept for a short story about a young sea otter called Tufty. He's scared of water, and as soon as he was big enough, decided to live on land. Although the plot wasnt fleshed out in the middle, the idea was that in order to help some new friends, he has to be brave and get back into the sea.  

These drawings are drawn in a more traditional style, using digital watercolouring to create a Beatrix Potter effect. The greatest challenge of this piece was making the animals and plants all correct. Tufty is a Southern sea otter, and all of the plants and animals that are drawn can be found in his habitat.

Hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think on Twitter.

Although the plot wasnt finalised in the middle, I had really wanted to draw the underwater pages, so please excuse the huge break in the story!

Hope you like it! If you can think of a way to expand the plot (writing is the hard part for me!) please drop me an email, and I'll gladly finish the story.