Hetty the horse

This is a few pages of an idea I had for a childrens pony book.  I've included the original concept sketches so you can see how I've developed the work.  I would like to fill in a few more pages if I have time in the future.

Hetty the horse lived on a farm in the countryside.

That morning, the people seemed strangely busy.
"I wonder what's going on?" Said Hetty to her friend
Mr Snowfeathers. 

"Quack quack quack!" said Mr Snowfeathers.
"I'm sorry," said Hetty. "I'm afraid I dont speak
any duck." 

"I know what he said!" Said Basil the farm cat
who had been hiding in the grass. 

"That man over there is a vet," said Basil.
"Oh," said Hetty. "What's a vet?"