Halloween images

As I'm in a break between two projects at the moment, I decided to experiment with some Tim-Burton inspired Halloween drawings!  Then I got a little off track and drew some cute zombies...


Happy Halloweenmas to you!  As shops are selling both Halloween and Christmas decorations at the same time, it's my firm belief that within 50 years or so these festivals will be so confused, that we'll celebrate both of them together, in a shopping fuelled festival throughout the months of October-December. Or maybe not...

Brewing up spells

After no-one but me really got the Halloweenmas concept, I switched to good old traditional Halloween images.  What I really like about Tim Burton's artwork, is the way the figures look so spindly, which I've tried to capture here too.

Cute Zombies!

I think I was a little off-track here, but I quite liked the little dead guys, so I thought I'd include them too.

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