Don't Just Roll The Dice

I recently worked on the illustrations for the second edition of the free e-book "Don't Just Roll The Dice", written by Neil Davidson and published by Efendi books, which you can download here. The illustrations were very fun to do, and I also got to work with traditional watercolours ("proper" paint!) which I found much harder than digital watercolours due to a lack of the Edit>Undo function. The illustrations were all whimsical takes on the chapter titles, so "Pricing pitfalls" became a man falling down through a cloud of money, for example. 

The book is about how to price software, and it a really concise, clear read for all you computer scientists. I'd recommend you have a look!

My favorite illustration to do was the woman sitting on the elephant! I'm very happy about how that one has come out. If you have any comments, please get in touch via Twitter or email!