This book cover is for a Sci-fi novel called Angelborne. It's not published just yet, but the author kindly agreed to let me put it on site. I thought I'd also post some of the initial sketches, and one of the other concepts we considered before we finalised the image.

This project was tricky because the author had a very definite image of how to best represent the novel, and how the finished book jacket should look. As a quick overview, she wanted one of the protagonists to feature on the cover, preferably in a 3/4 view, in a snowy setting with a "film noir" feel to the piece. A lot of work went into trying to translate her ideas into the final piece.

 This was the finished jacket. The back cover consisted of painted mountains, with a small amount of blur added, and a snow texture on top. Overall, I think it fits well with the initial brief, and the film noir effect is pretty pronounced.

Initial Ideas

These are a few of the initial sketches I sent the author after discussing the project. From these, she picked the top right, and asked for various modifications.

Alternative concept

I tried out various colour schemes. Although at the outset, the desired style was film noir, I thought that a fade to white combined with the characters wings would create an interesting negative space effect. I was quite pleased with the effect, but unfortunately it didnt fit with the style of the novel.

What do you think about the alternative design? Was it better than the final composition, or would you have chosen differently? Let me know on Twitter, I'd love to hear your views!