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  • Not in my bar!

    Not in my bar!

    This is a fan art of one of my favorite character from Borderlands - Mad Moxxi.

  • Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2

    A fan art of the new Killing Floor game.

  • Bear Coffee

    Bear Coffee

    Preoccupied by (the lack of) coffee this afternoon.. Here is a quick Bear-inspired cafetiere sticker.

  • Elite Dangerous

    Elite Dangerous

    A fan art of Elite Dangerous, which I'v ben playing rather a lot of recently

  • Invisible INC

    Invisible INC

    A fan art of Kleis Invisible INC game, focusing on the style and lighting of the game

  • Airships game

    Airships game

    Fan art of David Starks Airships game

  • COD Zombies

    COD Zombies

    Here is a fan art for COD Zombies which seemed suitably halloween themed. Hope you like it!

  • Super Meat Boy 2

    Super Meat Boy 2

    Another Super Meat Boy Fan art

  • Super Meat Boy

    Super Meat Boy

    A Fan art sketch of Super Meat Boy... Mostly of his teeth.

  • Princess Jedi

    Princess Jedi

    A sketch of Princess Leia, after some Jedi training.

  • Tekken3


    A quick drawing of some old tekken 3 characters, Ling Xiaoyu and Panda.

  • Dishonored Fan art

    Dishonored Fan art

    Fan art of Corvo from Dishonoured, jumping over the rooftops.

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