About my work

My name is Jenny Thorne, and I'm a freelance illustrator based in Cambridge.

What I do

Hopefully my pictures will give you a good idea!  I'm quite varied in what I can do and have worked in a variety of styles, on a variety of subjects.  Some of my work has a very painted and sketchy look (such as Tyler the T-Rex), whereas on other projects I've achieved a much more realistic look. I enjoy producing book covers, logos, and most of all illustration for childrens books. 


What I use

I create my work using paper-based concept sketches and Adobe Photoshop. The original sketches are scanned using a high-quality scanner before being cleaned up, lined and coloured in Photoshop. This allows me to acheive a flowing, hand-drawn style without compromising on clean lines or image quality.

I draw using an (increasingly vintage) Wacom tablet from my studio in south-east Cambridge.